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"I had been taking yoga classes for about 6 months prior to experiencing Anita's mixed level Hatha classes.  It was then that yoga first started to make sense to me, and my practice developed purpose.  Each of her classes is theme-based; drawing upon real life, firmly planted in yogic philosophy.  Her "Heart-Oriented and Alignment Based" practice is witnessed in her passion, dedication and enthusiasm, with a very strong attention to detail.  This is one instructor that ensures that you are in proper alignment in all of the yoga poses; making sure that your are not only reaping its rewards, but insuring that you will not injure yourself.  And, as a practicing chiropractor for over 33 years, I know about posture, alignment and injuries!  Anita's personality shines in the studio, making you feel at ease; encouraging you to work hard while providing you with the knowledge and guidance to improve your personal yoga practice.  I give her 5 out of 5 stars!"


Dr. Ronnie Weinstein, Chiropractor

April 12, 2014





Welcome!  You're invited to join me in the Bliss Zone where powerful, alignment-based, heart-oriented, Hatha yoga will transport you beyond the hustle and bustle of daily life to a place of inner stillness.  That's what happened to me when I first began yoga practice more than 15 years ago and continues to this day.  Every time I enter my studio, yoga practice restores my inner balance, renews my sense of peace, and reinvigorates my openness to joy.


Bliss Zone Yoga will appeal to anyone seeking more than an exercise class.  Students who are interested in expanding their bodies, minds, and hearts will have an opportunity to experience a practice that creates time for reflection and expansion on the mat for more connected and joyful living off the mat.  Come join me for a class, small group or private session and step into the Bliss Zone!



Students who will especially benefit from Anita’s classes:

Health conscious students interested in exploring the ancient science of Ayurveda
Students with injuries or chronic conditions interested in healing through Yoga Therapy


Anita Schill_BZY_Head Shot_ 013Anita L. Schill, PhD, RYT 500


Anita found her way to yoga in 1999 during a period of self-healing from a series of major life transitions.  Yoga rekindled her spirit and fulfilled her desire for deeper connection and meaning in life.  Since then, her passion has been to serve as a guide for others who may be longing to reconnect with their true nature and break free of self-imposed limitations.  She warmly welcomes all fellow travelers to her yoga classes where she teaches a heart-oriented, alignment-based yoga – often referred to as yoga from the inside out.





Photo Credit:  Philip Kent